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SKILL LEVEL:   Expert 

1/2 cross stitch and read a 1/4 pattern

The pattern is of the lower left 1/4 of the rug-do not repeat the top row or the far right row-these are marked on the pattern.

The direction of the 1/2 cross stitch should always be in the direction of the points in the pattern. The lower left and upper right 1/4 stitch tops will be to the NW, the upper left and lower right 1/4 stitch tops will be to the NE.
You have permission to sell items you create from this pattern but you are NOT to resell this pattern in any collection or by itself without express written permission from the creator/owner of this pattern, copyright embedded in pattern.

My parents bought a Navajo rug in New Mexico at the hogan of the woman who weaved it. I was quite small then but remember when this happened. I loved that rug so much, I decided to create a pattern from it and share it with others so that you too, can delight in the creation and appreciation of a truly original design.

Block as needed
16-count canvas pattern area 128 X 172, Halcyon thread 10/2 perl cotton in red, black, grey, white and gold, darning needle, scissors

600 Yard Minicone
Of course you may use any materials you like. This is just what I used but get creative and have fun!

Tape for the edges of your canvas to prevent raveling

Navajo Rug 1/2 Cross Stitch/counted PATTERN ONLY

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